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Abduction Fantasies: Making Them Sizzle

AbductionLast night, my Mistress restrained me to the bed and began spinning a fantasy where She had kidnapped me and used me as a slave. This was roleplay, of course, and we had a lot of fun with this simple game.

Real abduction fantasies – the kind where you are detained, restrained, blindfolded and hauled off somewhere for torture or some other fun kind of naughtiness, before you’re finally released – are much complex and involve a good bit of planning beforehand – both for you and your Mistress.

For starters, there are at least two people you need to protect – you and Her.

For you:

Discussion beforehand setting ground rules and your expectations. Make sure you discuss any potential triggers. For example, this would include issues with claustrophobia for me.

Agreeing whether or not a safeword will be allowed.

Preparing yourself mentally for what may come. No matter how hot it sounds, you’re not signing up for a walk in the sunshine.

Are you going to try to resist and escape or go along willingly?

For Her:

A written disclaimer by you stating that this is part of a game. She will want this if She or someone else is driving somewhere. Just imagine if She gets pulled over and the cop sees a bound man lying across the backseat. Cops can be cool … sometimes … but it’s a good idea to cover all your bases.

A clear sense of where She can go in terms of the scene and where She definitely shouldn’t.

Planning wise, She will need time to:

Find a space. It’s always hotter if you don’t do it at home. It could be a friend’s living room or basement or a dingy motel. The location itself doesn’t matter so much, since you’re probably going to be blindfolded.

Line up assistants, if needed or wanted. Imagine hearing your Mistress’s voice from across the room while someone else has their hand on your throat.

Prepare Her equipment.

Determine a place for your abduction. This could be done discretely at a store or at a kinky social or pretty much anywhere. Again, not being at home is a huge plus. Imagine being stopped on the street with a gun or knife pointed at you and then being forced into the trunk of a car.

Setting a goal for the abduction – is She trying to extract some information from you? Is She just torturing and/or using you?

Where and how will you be released?

Realism makes it hotter:

The more realistic the scenario becomes, the hotter will be for both of you. This is why getting out of the house matters so much. So to is being taken someplace you’ve never been before. You know how home smells. A cold concrete or tile floor with sounds and smells you don’t know, or that smell strange and exotic.

While I caution everyone about playing with firearms, a hyper-realistic toy gun or an unloaded and fully-discharged pistol will only make things feel more intense for everyone involved. Rough rope or torn sheets for restraints, a make-shift fabric gag tied tightly, a bag pulled over your head, being hit and treated roughly, all this shit only makes the scene more intense and even more fun.

Even your release can heighten the entire scene. Imagine being dumped out of the car, semi-dressed and feeling fully used. You have nothing on you but your cell phone. The bindings on your arms are loose enough that you can free them yourself and remove your blindfold … but not before you hear the car drive away.

After care matters, always:

After your scene, you will both likely need to reconnect. Abduction can involve a lot of intense play. Yes, it’s play and it’s supposed to be fun, but being helpless and the sense of fear it can create, will often have a greater toll than you might expect. The incredible power the scene will give to Her is both wonderful, yet also might leave Her feeling detached from you as Her boy – particularly if you are dehumanized during the process.

There are a ton of issues to talk through and plan for, so don’t take abduction play too easily. Toy with it a bit in simpler roleplay, and then see what ideas and fantasies it conjures up for both of you..

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