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A Journal for the Submissive Male

Ask Franklin

An advice column for submissive men from an experienced lifestyle submissive. Have a question about submission, your D/s relationship or anything else? Click here to send Franklin a message.

Ask Franklin: Single and Looking … Forever

Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t seem like there are any dominant women out there. I go to events, I comment on FetLife, I […]

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Ask Franklin: Forced Bi – Am I Ready to Suck a Dick?

Well, it’s happened. My Mistress has decided She wants to see me suck another guy’s dick. I am completely 100% straight, and I am really […]

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Ask Franklin: Sissification – She Wants to Make Me a Woman

We’ve been exploring all sorts of kinks, and now my Lady has started threatening to dress me up in negligee, put make up on me […]

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Ask Franklin: ABDL – Even Men in Diapers Deserve Love

I’m an Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL), and I’m really tired of people acting weird about my fetish. Why do people act so weird about […]

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Ask Franklin: Am I a Slave or a Submissive?

Am I a slave or a submissive? I hear the words get tossed around, but I’m not sure what the difference really is. I don’t […]

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Ask Franklin: What Is Subdrop and Do I Have It?

I’m wondering if I have subdrop? The last few times I’ve played, I end up feeling like crap the next day. I love the play, […]

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Ask Franklin: Choosing the Right Mistress

I’m pretty new to the lifestyle. I’ve set up a profile on FetLife, and I have been to a couple events. I have met a […]

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