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A Journal for the Submissive Male

Because, Well, Boobs

BoobsLook, sometimes we get a little serious on here. We take submission and our lives as submissive men seriously. We hope you do too. But don’t think for a heartbeat that we’re not having fun too.

Within my relationship, sex and sexuality play a huge, huge role. I adore my Mistress, but I adore Her body too. I love to fuck, and thankfully for me, I earn that privilege pretty regularly.

Part of what makes female dominance so fucking awesome is the fact that I get to show my appreciation and desire for Her and Her body in many different physical ways. Case in point, I absolutely love getting to enjoy my Mistress’s breasts.

They simply are spectacular, and I could and often do spend long periods showing my appreciation for them – sucking on them and playing with them. Once again, lucky me, because not only does my Mistress have an awesome pair of tits, She also enjoys it when I pay them special attention.

This sort of breast play is a tremendous part of our sex lives, and it’s one that I cannot imagine not having in my life regularly.

Whether it’s Her shoving me down on the bed, climbing on top of me and shoving them in my face or me resting my head near Her lap and suckling on them while She relaxes, worshiping Her body is a way in which I show my submission to Her.

Sure, I get to enjoy teasing Her nipples, pinching them and nibbling on them, I get to cup and squeeze Her breasts, and I occasionally get a little milky treat as a reward for my efforts. But, I am also very much the submissive in these moments.

She is in control, and my behavior is directed by Her, as She moves one breast then the other to my mouth and hungry lips. I am enjoying myself, but I am attentive too. I listen to the sounds She makes and I follow Her lead carefully. I try to bring Her as much pleasure as possible, all the while thanking my God and yours that I am getting to do this.

At it’s very best, a D/s relationship should be just like this. A happy boy pleasing his Mistress. We are both fulfilled – Her through the simple pleasure I bring to Her, and me through my own enjoyment, but also in the satisfaction I take from bringing Her pleasure.

Whether it’s sucking tits, eating pussy, getting beaten or cleaning the bathroom, a D/s relationship should be mutually beneficial and mutually satisfying. That’s the magic of it, and that’s what we all should seek to receive and give with our partners.

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