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A Journal for the Submissive Male

True Stories

Confessions, erotica, and other stories from submissive men.

Where Ideas Come From

It’s late. We just watched something on the DVR. I hit delete on the remote and take a look through the guide to see what’s […]

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Because, Well, Boobs

Look, sometimes we get a little serious on here. We take submission and our lives as submissive men seriously. We hope you do too. But […]

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Confessions of a Foot Fetishist

I know the moment my foot fetish began. We were lounging on the couch. My Mistress had stretched Her beautiful legs out and set Her […]

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Chastity: She Held the Key

I was still new to kink. We had met and begun a D/s relationship. I was Her boy and She was my Mistress. I learned […]

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ProDommes: When to Hire a FemDom Professional

My first brush with FemDom was with a Professional Dominatrix. I was in college, studying in London. Horny as hell. I went to see a […]

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Who’s My Dirty Whore

She grabbed me by the ears, and it motherfucking hurt. My head pinned in place between her hands as She gripped on as if I […]

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Are Your Hard Limits Limiting You?

My Mistress expressed the desire to really beat someone severely. She lamented that She cared too much about me to take me there, to that […]

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