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Pegging: Squeal Like a PigIt’s late. We just watched something on the DVR. I hit delete on the remote and take a look through the guide to see what’s on. I’m a fan of old movies, and the title “Deliverance” caught my eye. It was better than what the TV had switched to, and I figured I’d leave it there until we found something better.

As it turned out, my Mistress had never seen it before. So we just left it on. As the movie played through, anticipation built as we headed toward the movie’s most infamous scene where two hillbilly’s tie Jon Voight about the neck to a tree and one of them proceeds to make Ned Beatty “squeal like a pig.”

The scene is legendary, though my Mistress was surprised that it wasn’t more graphic. Still, the sight of Beatty in his tighty-whities as he tries to get away, as the hillbilly bullies him, and as he grabs Beatty’s leg and forces him to the ground.

After taking in the spectacle, my Mistress suddenly had a notion. She turned to me and smiled, “We’re totally recreating that.”

And now, I know I’m good and fucked … or I will be soon.

Now I get to live with my own anticipation and fear of us at an event sometime, somewhere when things suddenly will go sideways. She will point a knife at me and order me to strip down to my shorts. She will then get rough with me, knowing I will not fight back because like Ned Beatty’s character, that’s not my role.

She will force me onto all fours and step behind me. She will probably give my ass a sharp with Her heel. And then … oh God no … she will start ordering me to “squeal like a pig” as she steps into Her harness and prepares to fuck me.

I cannot put into words the immense sense of humiliation I feel over this and it hasn’t even happened yet. I know that She will go there, and I know that I will not be able to resist Her. I will play along, play my role as the unwilling, but paralyzed victim.

I will squeal loudly, the best I can. I will see the faces turn to look at me, and I will hear the laughter. I will moan as She presses a dildo into my ass and begins fucking me for all to see. I will respond loudly because I know that will be what She desires.

I will thank Her for giving me such pleasure, and I will feel as embarrassed as I ever have.

Until then, I will continue to live with the trepidation, the fear and the desire for a fate that will come … sometime.

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