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Your Balls Can Take a Lot More Than You Think

ballsYou used to own them, but not any more. Your nuts are Her’s now, and She wants to hurt them. She really does.

When I first got into BDSM, I listed CBT (cock and ball torture) as a hard limit. Now, it’s become one of my favorite kinks. Part of it, no doubt, is the simple pleasure of having my Mistress play with my junk. But, I know it’s more than that.

What could be more deeply rooted to your sense of masculinity than that pair of testicles dangling between your legs?

I know that’s why I especially get turned on when She hurts them in front of other people. I’m a sucker for humiliation and a little degradation play. So, having my manhood literally assaulted while people watch almost instantly makes my cock hard.

The thing that took me from CBT phobic to CBT fan were two things:

  1. I realized how much I liked the demeaning aspects of it.
  2. I realized it didn’t really hurt nearly as bad as I had feared.

The thing is, your balls can take a lot more impact than you probably realize. They are tougher and more resilient than you might think. Whether it’s hanging weights from them or having them kicked while you’re helpless to fight back, your balls were made to take abuse.

Think about it, would humans (and most mammals) exist as a species if 50% of the genitals required to reproduce were as vulnerable as most guys think their sacks are? The Good Lord Darwin wouldn’t have put them front and center if they weren’t able to take some abuse.

Yes, they are sensitive. Believe me, the pain from a good smack to the taters feels “real” in a way that most pain doesn’t. Your body will collapse or you may quake and shudder. Your eyes will water, and you’ll whine like a little bitch. It’s all instinct and no way to just breath through the pain.

That’s part of the appeal.

A few cautions for those experimenting with torturing their testes for the first time:

  • Start simple and start small – Don’t clip a 10 pound weight onto them from the get go.
  • Ease into the impact – Don’t begin with a swift kick. Soft swats to warm up and then take it from there.
  • Grow into it – No, not your boner, but it’s fine if you do. Give yourself time to build up your tolerance.
  • Avoid cutting off circulation – If you tie anything around them, don’t tie it too tight and give them a break after about 20 minutes. Any signs of numbness or blueness, and you need to release them.
  • Don’t squash them – Trampling and crushing can be a lot of fun, but there is a point at which you will do permanent damage – potentially crushing one all together. We use a trapeze of sorts so my Mistress can control how much weight She is placing on them at any time.

In the end, you may not share my love for CBT, but I hope you’ll give it a try. Like pegging, it’s one more way you can open yourself up in your submission by giving your Mistress full ownership over the most sacred part of your body.

To learn more about CBT and genital torture, check out Hardy Haberman’s amazing book, Family Jewels.

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